Matthew Acres


Originally born and raised in South Africa, Matt emigrated to New Zealand where he grew up in the North Island’s “adventure capital” of Rotorua, and has now been involved in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. Says Matt; “I was randomly offered a kitchenhand job and never left!”

Over his career, Matt has had the opportunity to work with many amazing chefs, has enjoyed the role of Head Chef with managing kitchens, and designing menus. Says Matt; “I enjoy being a part of a constantly changing industry, learning new things about food and getting to meet a wide range of people from many different cultures and backgrounds… I want guests to know that dining here will broaden their knowledge of Kiwi cuisine and allow them to get a good representation of what this beautiful country has to offer.”

A true ‘foodie’, Matt will be found trying out different places to eat at, and loves to try new methods of cooking and experimenting with flavours in his kitchen at home. He also enjoys going to the cinema for relaxation and admits; “I would love to travel to Italy to experience authentic Italian cuisine as it has always been of special interest to me.”


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