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Chef David (DG) Schofield started his career in the late 80’s in his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. His first introduction to the industry was washing pots and pans at the Plaza International on its opening day. Shortly after, he flew to London at the age of 16 where he worked hard learning the ropes for 2 years.  Returning home to Wellington, “DG” worked a number of leading kitchens and thrived under the passionate vibe of the capital city’s food industry. It was from here that he represented New Zealand in several international culinary competitions, gaining gold and silver medals and setting records that still stand today in the process.

“DG” spent four years in Christchurch before again moving to Europe. Thinking a 2-year break would be good to refresh his passion and a bit of a sabbatical …. It ended up being closer to 7 years away, leading him from London to the South of France. Stints for Michelin rated chefs in Michelin properties have featured thoughout his career. 1, 2 and 3 Michelin star kitchens have all had an effect on him and he has been lucky enough to have worked with and alongside the best of the best. At each step he’s deliberately focused on the specific areas he needed while setting his sights on the next level.

His style would best be described as honest and straightforward with seasonal produce taking centre stage. He loves sweet and sour/ hot and cold pairings as well as matches from different cuisines. Although a convert to some of the science of “molecular gastronomy”, he continues to believe that the taste and texture of natural products can always be embellished but should not be diluted.

David is passionate about artisan producers and believes that the standard of the produce in New Zealand equals and often exceeds the produce being offered in Europe, Asia and a vast majority of the world. He is a great believer in what are now tagged "heirloom" or "original" strains of vegetables and is an advocate for good welfare standards when it comes to the rearing of livestock.


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