May Heather

may-jun17The drive, motivation and genuine belief in the hotel and her housekeeping team makes May a vital member of “The Jet Park Family” and a fantastic Executive Housekeeper
May is born and bred in Mangere, she is one of the long serving members of staff and takes real pride in everything she does. May is someone who has really put in the hard yards to become the Executive Housekeeper for Jet Park Hotel. She started her career in hospitality with Jet Park Hotel over 12 years ago as a casual housekeeper and has worked her way to become a successful Executive Housekeeper.
The highlight in Mays career has been able to see the hotel expand from 95 rooms to 170 rooms and she has been part of the ever expanding team right from day one. She believes the hotel has “fantastic friendly staff” and “the most beautiful and comfortable rooms, we really are a home away from home”.
When may has a bit of spare time outside of work and not running around playing “taxi” to her three children she enjoys reading, going on walks through a bush and if possible doing a bit of orienteering around Auckland.
Her favorite holiday destination is the Cook Islands however she has always dreamed of going to Greece or Jerusalem.


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