Lorna Masoe

lorna-jun17Lorna previously worked in the F&B (food and beverage) department at Jet Park Hotel, and enjoyed the role of Restaurant Supervisor, until transferring to Front Office.  Having now worked in hospitality for 7 years (as at January 2015), Lorna says; “I enjoy meeting new people, hearing fascinating travel stories and tips so one day when I travel I’ll know all the must do's. I love being able to work alongside passionate people from different cultures in the job and inheriting a bunch of awesome colleagues. I’ve gained a lifetime of friendships”. Lorna became involved in hospitality from college as a subject of interest, and 7 years later is still in the field.
Career highlights have included in 2011- winning ‘Restaurant of the Year’, and achieving her first gold medal ever in competition and in 2012- becoming Restaurant Supervisor. Then in 2014 being transferred to Front Office to take on board a different field of hospitality.
Kiwi born, but of Samoan descent, Lorna’s pleasant and friendly manner has meant she’s a natural in her current role at Telephonist/Reservationist. What does Lorna want guests to know most about Jet Park Hotel? “That nothing is impossible when you stay with us. We are all like one big family welcoming everyone into our airport residence.”
When she’s not at work, Lorna enjoys spending time with her family, really enjoys shopping and ‘hanging out’ with friends. She would like to travel one day however with so many countries out there, is keeping her options open.

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