Jabez Lobo


The Jet Park Hotel Team is pleased to have on board Jabez, who has over 12 years in the hospitality industry! Says Jabez; “Being able to build a great memory for our guests is what drives me in the hospitality industry. I thrive in an environment where every day is different, and I take pride in contributing towards the success of an organisation.”

Jabez grew up in India and ventured into the hospitality industry as a planned move to come to New Zealand to pursue this career; “I have been very fortunate to work amongst New Zealand’s very best accommodation and event providers for 12 years.” Some of the highlights of his career so far have been successfully leading a team to consistently achieve the highest mystery shop scores in the company across the world, to train and develop colleagues who are climbing the ladder of success in various roles in hospitality, and contributing to knowing guests and building great memories! Says Jabez; “It is my ambition to tell a story about the evolution of this beautiful hotel and conference centre to our guests.”

Leisure time is spent with family; “At this stage of my life, it’s all about family- for my wife and I. Our lives revolve around our Son when not at work. I do try and find some time to play the guitar or play sport occasionally to keep the batteries charged!”  There are 2 places that Jabez would love to spend quality time while on holiday- Kerala in India to experience the serene backwaters in a houseboat, and Disneyland in the USA along with his son and wife.


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