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Culture & History

Rotorua has a rich cultural history. Māori native to the area share a special connection with the land and surroundings, with many famed and renowned stories originating from the sacred region. Learn about the famous eruption of Mount Tarawera, discover the traditions of our indigenous culture at Tamaki Māori village, be wowed by the beauty of the Government Gardens and hear stories of its fascinating past.


Tamaki Māori Village

An award-winning New Zealand cultural attraction with powerful performances and ceremonial rituals travel back to a time of ancient traditions and brave warriors. Discover the protocols, customs, and stories sacred to our indigenous people at Tamaki Māori Village.

Katoa Lake Rotorua

Travel to Makoia Island with Katoa for a unique cultural experience. Discover the abundance of wildlife and native flora and fauna as local guides relay information on why the area is sacred to Māori. Cruise to the island via water taxi or for a more exhilarating trip opt for the Speed & Spins tour!

Buried Village of Te Wairoa

Discover the stories and legends of the eruption of Mt Tarawera at New Zealand's most visited archaeological site, the Buried Village of Te Wairoa. Learn of the iconic Pink and White terraces and the destruction caused by this famous natural disaster.

Rotorua Museum

Uncover the enthralling history of both the museum and the gardens. Take a guided tour with knowledgeable museum staff who describe Rotorua's volatile landscape, rich culture and legendary figures while you explore the historic grounds.

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