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Vaccination Policy

Update on Covid Protection Framework

Jet Park Hotel Rotorua has decided that the best way to ensure the well-being of our guests and staff is to require people entering and/or staying at the hotel to be fully vaccinated. We have made this decision after weighing up the risks and benefits and especially considering our guests under 12 who cannot currently be vaccinated.

We consider that requiring vaccination will make Jet Park Hotel Rotorua safer and will keep the hotel accessible for as many people as possible.

The Covid-19 protection framework (Traffic Light System) will come into effect at 11:59PM on Thursday 2 December. From then all guests will need to be vaccinated. We will check guests’ vaccination status at the reception desk using the My Vaccine Pass verification app. Children under 12 will be exempt because they cannot currently be vaccinated.

We will continue to follow the advice and regulations of the government and will review our policies as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

We will update this page once we know whether Rotorua’s traffic light colour is green, orange, or red.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you require vaccination from Covid-19 to enter Jet Park Hotel Rotorua
A: Yes. From 3 December this will be a requirement of entry. Children under 12 are exempt because they can’t currently be vaccinated

Q: Will you allow exemptions?
A: We acknowledge that not everyone can be vaccinated, and our policy allows for exemptions as defined by the Ministry of Health

Q: How will you check vaccination status?
A: We will use the governments NZ Pass Verifier app

Q: What if my phone has died or I’ve forgotten my printed pass?
A: Unfortunately, you’ll need to charge your phone so that we can verify your vaccination pass or return home to obtain a printed version

Q: Can I still enter without a vaccination pass if I can prove I’ve had a negative Covid test within the last 72 hours?
A: No. We only accept the My Vaccine Pass

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