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A-Z guide of essentials needed for travel

Posted By: Jet Park Hotels - 26 Jan, 2022


When planning your next road trip it’s important to ensure all the essentials are covered.  We’ve put together a handy list from A-Z to ensure you’re road-trip ready.

A = Accommodation

B = Breakfast Included

C = Camera

D = Discount vouchers

E = Entertainment

F = Flight (if needed)


H = Headphones/earbuds

I = Itinerary

J = Jet Park Rotorua

K = Keep luggage to a minimum

L = Laptop

M = Mask

N = Netflix

O = Off-peak days or seasons are the best time to get great deals

P = Phone and charger

Q = Queen Room or twin room

R = Research location of travel

S = Sanitizer

T = Toiletries

U = Umbrella

V = Vehicle booked/serviced

W = Water & snacks

X = Xtra shoes in case it rains and the other ones get wet

Y = Your favourite book

Z = Zero cancellation fees on fully flexible fare