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Introducing “The Matthews” Room

Posted By: Jet Park Hotels - 19 Apr, 2021

When we had the challenge of coming up with a name for our new small meeting room at Jet Park Hotel Rotorua, it wasn’t very difficult to decide on “The Matthews” Room. Lynn Matthews was a much loved colleague who recently passed away. She was such a well-known person in the corporate and travel industry and we know she would have felt honoured, as well as slightly embarrassed, at having her name used in such a public way. Lynn was a friend and mentor to all staff that worked with her.

Lynn worked for Jet Park Hotels for over 20 years and she was  a glamourous, tenacious, and caring person who went the extra mile to know our guests. Lynn would often worked late in order to have dinner with someone who was staying at the hotel or come in early for breakfast. Lynn had an enviable wardrobe that she would change over at Easter to Winter and Labour Day to Summer. She was always immaculately presented with matching shoes and accessories.

Lynn started her career in hotels early with her parents running the Duke of Marlborough hotel in the Bay of Islands then moving to the South Pacific Hotel in Customs Street Auckland. Lynn also worked as a sales rep at Air New Zealand's Hotpac, visiting clients with all the hotels brochures in her stylish trundle bag.

The Matthews room is a small meeting room that seats up to 30 people. With lots of natural lighting, it is bright and airy, a little bit like Lynn.

Lynn will be missed by all that knew her, but by naming the meeting room “The Matthews” room we can keep her memory alive for years to come.