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Event and Accommodation Terms and Conditions

The Hotel will use every effort to ensure your event runs smoothly and to offer you any information or service we are able to provide. To enable us to offer a high quality service and to ensure the satisfaction of all of the Hotel’s guests, the following terms and conditions are applicable to your event. Please read these carefully and if you have any questions please contact one of our Conference Coordinator. These terms and conditions must be signed and returned to confirm your event and are legally binding.


Booking Confirmation and Deposit

  • The Hotel will provide you with details of your tentative booking in writing.  In order to confirm your booking you are required to confirm in writing within 5 days of original enquiry.
  • A signed Credit Card authorisation must be returned with your confirmation to secure your booking.
  • A non-refundable Deposit equal to 20% of the estimated event charge, or the total room hire, whichever cost is greater, may be required where the hotel receives another tentative booking for the same date. The Hotel may require payment of the Deposit within 48 hours if other tentative bookings are received.
  • You must return a signed copy of ‘booking confirmation’ form agreeing to the hotel’s terms and conditions. The management of Jet Park Hotel reserve the right to change these conditions, prices or menus without notice.


  • Full payment of the estimated event charge is required at least five (5) business days prior the event The difference between the estimated event charge and the actual event charge must be paid prior to departure from the Hotel.
  • Credit facilities are available to company bookings on application. A credit application must be completed by the company and approved by the hotel at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • If credit is approved an invoice will be sent to the company on completion of the event and must be paid in accordance with Jet Park Hotel’s standard credit terms of trade.
  • The Hotel accepts a credit card payment, and you will be required to provide a signed unlimited credit card authorisation or other form of security acceptable to the Hotel to cover the full amount of the event charge.
  • No discount cards apply for functions held at Jet Park Hotel.


  • If any additional or increased prices, taxes or levies are introduced after the date of the event order, the Hotel reserves the right to require payment of the relevant additional amount.
  • Any charges made by third parties on your behalf will be passed on and may incur a surcharge.
  • Where changes to your requirements are made incurring additional costs these charges will be passed on to you in full.

Event Cancellation

  • All cancellations must be received in writing and the following terms are applicable;
  • Deposit is forfeited.
  • Where a deposit has been requested due to additional tentative bookings  for the same date being received, the deposit is non refundable and will be forfeited on cancellation.
  • Between 7 and 14 days notice; in addition to the deposit (which will be forfeited) you must pay an additional 20% of the estimated function charge, or the full room hire, whichever is the greater.
  • Less than 7 days’ notice; in addition to the deposit (which will be forfeited) you must pay the total balance of the estimated event charge, including full room hire, catering and equipment charges.
  • The hotel, at its discretion may waive part of the cancellation fee if the function room is rebooked.

Function Details

  • Final menu choices and event details are required at least 5 working days prior to the event.
  • The event order and hotel terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement of parties and shall supersede prior offers, negotiations and agreements in connection with the function. The function event order must be signed and returned to the conference coordinator no later than five (5) working days prior to the event commencing.
  • Final minimum guaranteed numbers are required three (3) working days prior to the event.
  • The hotel must be informed and approve all plans and designs for any exhibitions or displays that you propose to stage or present during your event and all advertising in relation to the event which includes reference to the Hotel.

Conduct of the Function

  • Your event must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner. The Hotel reserves the right to end your event if the Hotel reasonably believes that your event is not being conducted in an orderly and lawful manner. The Hotel has no responsibility to you for any costs, damages or expenses that you may incur in relation to the Hotel’s termination of your event.
  • The Hotel may remove or deny entry to anybody being disruptive or acting in a disorderly manner.
  • No food or beverages of any kind, other than those provided by the Hotel will be permitted onto the Hotel’s property without the consent of the Hotel.
  • You are not permitted to exceed any noise levels, which, in the opinion of the Hotel, may disturb other guests of the Hotel or disrupt the normal operations of the Hotel.
  • You are responsible for costs involved in ensuring set-up and breakdown time of the event room.  All deliveries to the Hotel must be advised to the Hotel before delivery and must be marked with the name and date of the event.
  • Attaching anything by nails, screws or adhesive in any way to any wall, door or other part of the Hotel is strictly prohibited.
  • The function organiser (you) is financially responsible for any loss or damage caused to hotel property or equipment by organisers, guests and contractors before, during and after the event. This includes failure to return items such as power boards, cables, laser pointers and other such items.

Room Allocation

  • The Hotel may assign an alternative function room for your event if the appointed function room is unavailable for any reason or the Hotel believes the appointed function room is no longer appropriate.
  • The Hotel will, where possible, consult with you before making any changes.


  • The Hotel is not responsible for the theft, damage or loss of any goods brought into the Hotel; or any introduction of food to the event and the effect of it afterwards.
  • The car park of the Hotel is a public car park and the Hotel is not responsible for any theft, damage or loss to any goods that may occur within the car park.


  • You are responsible for and must indemnify the Hotel for any loss or damage to the Hotel arising out of your use, or any person attending the event and/or room accommodation.
  • You are also responsible for any additional cleaning requirements which the Hotel considers to be in excess of general cleaning; and claims by any person for loss, injury, death or damage of any kind arising from your use, or any persons attending the event and/or room accommodation, which is caused or contributed to by your negligence or that of persons attending the event.


  • Unless otherwise agreed, the party signing these terms and conditions will be the party responsible for payment of the event charge. If the event is being booked by an agent on behalf of a third party, the third party must also sign these terms and conditions. Alternatively, the agent must provide to the Hotel written authorisation from the third party which:
  • Confirms the agent is authorised to sign these terms and conditions
  • Confirms the third party will be liable to the Hotel (in addition to the agent) for payment of the Event Charge (including any cancellation fees) notwithstanding that they have not personally signed these terms and conditions and acknowledges that a commission, incentive or fee may be payable or being paid by the Hotel to the agent.

Health & Safety and Equipment

  • To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff all contactors, suppliers and organisations must comply with all Health and Safety directions, regulations and best practices and if bringing electrical equipment / appliances for use in the Jet Park Hotel are to ensure the equipment is tagged and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760/2001.
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