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Pet Refuge

Pet Refuge opened in August 2021 and provides temporary shelter and care for pets affected by domestic violence by keeping them safe while they start a new life. Pet Refuge is New Zealand’s first shelter dedicated to caring for animals escaping family violence.

The team at Pet Refuge looks after the pet's physical and mental well-being. In their shelter, the pets have a warm bed, food, medical treatment (if needed), toys to play with, worm and flea treatments, and get a full health check on arrival. The team also provides therapy for pets displaying anxiety and fear issues.

Jet Park Hotels are fundraising on behalf of Pet Refuge and for every Tabatha toy purchased we will donate $5.00 to Pet Refuge. From as little as $25 a month, a safe bed can be given to each pet. This covers shelter expenses such as a safe place to sleep at night, warmth, bedding, exercise, transport, vet healthcare, animal behaviour therapy, and the cost of expert animal carers and case workers who are a vital part of the shelter.

The shelter houses up to 75 small pets and has been designed to give the pet comfort and security. There are no wire cages, enclosures have underfloor heating, and are specially designed to give space to sleep, play, and feel secure. There are play areas with climbing structures, an obstacle course, and beds for lounging in the sun. Larger animals are cared for via a network of regional safe farms.

Jet Park Hotels chose Pet Refuge as a charity to support as we believe pets are an important part of family life. Pet Refuge provides a safe place for pets affected by domestic violence, and we feel that this is an important charity to be a part of.